Dating antique coffers

20-Aug-2019 21:35

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Woods commonly used in tansu included Keyaki (elm), Kuri (chestnut), Ezo matsu (pine), Sugi (cedar), Kiri (paulownia) and Hinoki (cypress).Many collectors focus on finding genuine antique tansu.Some reproduction tansu have been reproduced in Korea using keyaki veneer. Consistent with Japan's minimalist aesthetic, traditional homes appeared rather empty.Tansu were not visible in the home except at certain times for specific situations.Since the radical for bamboo appears in each of these characters, it may be conjectured that wood was not as yet used.During the time period in which tansu gradually became a feature of Japanese culture and daily life, 1657–1923, both hard and softwoods were used by Tansuyas (tansu craftsmen), often in practical combination for a single chest.Tansu from this time primarily reflect the class and occupation of the owner rather than any regionally inspired originality.With the coming of the Meiji Restoration of imperial authority in 1868, and the gradual disintegration of the rigid class structure, distinctive regional characteristics could now flourish.

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Larger chests are sometimes reduced in size, particularly futon chests, step chests and other chests with deep drawers .

This an antique coffer, an early 18th century trunk. Three panel front carved with circular radiating detailrnlunette carving to the front upper and low…