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27-May-2019 13:17

Then he found it necessary to balance all his pillows.

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Almost every woman I know has experienced her share of insecure men.

Even though they needed help in their respective jobs, both Michael and Emily couldn't let others work for them because they didn't meet their exacting -- and often unrealistic -- standards. An unhealthy use of money -- often excessively hoarding money or being miserly.

Michael had packets of money stashed around his apartment that he never used even when he needed it.

Like Michael, if friends or family members wanted to visit or suggested going out, she would put them off -- to the extent that she became reclusive. If the director told Michael to stretch his leg in a certain way, Michael would do it exactly as he was told, even if it was painful or inappropriate for the dance. Over-conscientiousness and inflexibility about his or her values. In Michael's case, since he had trouble throwing anything out, some of his pillows dated back to his childhood 7.

As a result, people with OCPD typically have few friends and their family often disregards them. Emily, the patient mentioned above, would attend church every Sunday and expect everyone else to do the same, whether or not it was part of their belief system. The person often can't let others work for him or her because they often don't meet his or her standards.

His hands would keep moving over the pillow until he found feathers to crack.