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I was a little humbled by the experience knowing that my next few boylesque performances would be competitions and I would be judged in pretty much the same way. I guess I was attracted to the cool breezes and somewhat relaxed atmosphere. So this morning I was wondering why all the Southwest Airlines employees were dressed up like cowboys and cowgirls.Here's a pic of Fernando in his swimwear entry: Wow! Last night's Dia de los Muertos show in San Diego was a ton of fun. It's two days after Halloween so it kind of didn't make sense to me.Here's a nice post from Diana Ivy: Tonight I performed at the Gibson Guitar Lounge at Maggie Mae's in Austin. The cast for this evening's show included Coco Lectric, Ruby Joule, Lola Le Strange, Something Blue, Layna D'Luna, Fox Mia and myself.Now I 've been a part of many burlesque shows in my day, but tonight was by far the most fun. The title of the story is How Burlesque Saved Christmas. The bunnies where Charlotte Fever (who I'm proud to say was one of my students at the Austin Academy of Burlesque this year) and Bunny Fifi.Turns out that Wright Amendment is officially abolished and SWA can now do non-stop flights from San Diego to Dallas Love Field.As luck would have it, I'm on the very first flight of that kind. What a fantastic couple of shows of burlesque and stand-up comedy at House of Blues!Our band members were Matt on drums, Brian Vose on bass and Tyler Mabry on keyboard.We have one final performance of this show next week and I must admit, it will be missed! My final boylesque performance of the year had an unexpected twist.

I also had no idea how many people actively hate Aquaman. Crime-fighting cast members tonight included Lola Le Strange, Ruby Joule, Coco Lectric and Ruby Lamb. There is a lot of excitement at the Alamo Lounge at KTSA News Talk 550 for the Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner Radiothon! * 210-654-5151 *How lovely it was to spend an afternoon with theatre people.When asked how they would define the word "gay" to someone, a few contestants were compelled to defend being gay rather than define it. Thank you for making the Ruby Revue Burlesque and Variety Show the longest-running, recurring show at House of Blues Houston!