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It is worth noting that our view of the Victorians' dress sense may have been somewhat distorted by both a tradition for wearing 'Sunday best' in photographs, and the need - in the first fifty years of photography - for photographic studios to issue instructions on what to wear, to achieve the best contrast and detail in black and white.Hence there seem to be few 'white wedding' photographs as white dresses were difficult to capture well, and dark colours and plain designs therefore predominate.Here follows such an example of a photographer's instructions, presumably based on his bitter experience:"Very few ladies know how to dress so as to secure the most pleasing photograph.The best materials to wear are such as are not too glossy, and such as will fold or drape nicely, as reps., poplins, satins and silks.

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Photo Tree, is a website dedicated to 19th century photography.

Edin Photo, is a web site that includes a very detailed description of all types of photography processes.

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