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31-May-2019 20:20

We Christians watch as our brothers and sisters in Christ are slaughtered and sold into slavery in the Middle East and Asia.

There is no talk of the plight of Christians in Syria, Iraq, and even Saudi Arabia by political leaders in the West. Quite honestly because the West has chosen to abandon its Christian roots for nihilism. There she goes writing about nihilism again.) Quite frankly, we will never understand what is going on in Europe, and soon-to-be the U.

Nihilism is a creed in which belief is predicated upon nothingness.

I do not mean that nihilists believe in , although material atheism does tend to occupy the thoughts of some nihilist adherents.

Freedom in the West has devolved into an individualistic self-worship that has made our cultures cave in on themselves. Our culture is sick and its only cure is the Living God. The healing salve needed by the wounded West and violently divided Middle East is the Holy Eucharist. People already desire Christ, they just don’t know it, yet. It took me 12 years after being a 9-11 relief worker to pray for the hijackers, but it changed me and who knows what else my prayers could have impacted. Every single time there is an attack, we pray for all of the dead, including the perpetrators. Both nihilism and radical Islam are at war with Christ and His Church. We need to take Christ to the people in the West and those trapped in the evil of radical Islam.

Since there is no longer an ordering to the good, there is no way to confront evils such as ISIS while we ourselves murder unborn babies by the millions. If the West wants a chance at winning this battle it has to abandon nihilism and relativism. The answer to the world’s evils was in the Catholic Church where Fr. It is Christ present body, blood, soul, and divinity to us. We must do battle with sin and weakness, but we must begin to seriously live a life ordered to holiness. We must show them the answer to that longing deep in their heart that cannot be satiated through promiscuous sex, pornography, material possessions, money, power, adultery, and the list goes on and on. There is no limit to how God will use us to bring the world into conformation with the Blessed Trinity. We must start living lives of joyful witness to the power, beauty, peace, joy, and healing of Catholicism. We have the answer to what is destroying the world and taking so many lives in the process.

Although, in my mind, the time of diplomacy has ended. There is no cause or good to fight for in these philosophies.

This is why the West shuffles its feet while thousands are slaughtered worldwide.

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World War II was waged on two unified fronts because the Allies understood the dignity of the human person and the need to defend good.Nihilism is the belief in nothing objective or concrete.