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The marriage crumbled after a decade, and I endured five wretched years of promiscuity and booze.

To our endless good fortune, Jane and I found each other and, three years later, I quit teaching and we moved to New Hampshire.

Many scholars believe the song of Moses and the song of Miriam (Exod. Approximately one-third of the Old testament is written in poetry. God is amazing God is my king the love of God never change because God never change don't forget to pray God before you going outside and read.

15:1-21), celebrating the destruction of Pharaoh's army in the sea, is the oldest existing Hebrew hymn or poetic work, dating perhaps from the 12th century B. Three of the greatest poetic masterpieces of the Old Testament are the Song of Deborah (Judges 5); the Song of the Bow - David's lament over the death of Saul and Jonathan (II Sam. This includes entire books (except for short prose sections), such as Job, Psalms, Proverbs, the Song of Solomon, and Lamentations. john 3 v 16im muslim plz search about muslims.daesh is not more excuse mefor my misstakes of your beuttfull language because im not english iranion & love all peapls that love god & children at all human....

My mother’s father, Wesley Wells, had been my life’s love, the measure of everything.

During his seven months of dying, I drove the two hours to see him once a week. She would live until almost ninety-one without dating another man.

He could not speak outright of his approaching death. It was cold as we buried him in the early darkness.

I myself enjoy writing Christian poems, and I was surfing the web for inspiration when I came across this. just because you cant see it dosent mean its not there you only believe it if you see it but even blind people can see so i am telling the world I BELIEVE IN GOD JESUS CHRIST HOLY GHOST SO PLEASE TELL THE WORLDThis is so nicely written. Poetry in the Old Testament: At a very early date poetry became part of the written literature of the Hebrew people.

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For we are God most precious creatures, so valuable to him, that He sent of Himself Jesus, to die for our sin.

And yet today it is twenty-two years since she died, of leukemia, at forty-seven—and I approach ninety.