Carbon dating test shroud turin

18-Mar-2019 12:54

Philip Ball, the former physical science editor for Nature when the carbon dating results were published, recently wrote: “It’s fair to say that, despite the seemingly definitive tests in 1988, the status of the Shroud of Turin is murkier than ever.” If we wish to be scientific we must admit we do not know how old the cloth is.

But if the newer thread is about half of what was tested – and some evidence suggests that – it is possible that the cloth is from the time of Christ.

Now, as someone who believes it is the real burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth, I similarly realize that a leap of faith over unanswered questions is essential.

Many experts have stood by a 1988 carbon-14 dating of scraps of the cloth carried out by labs in Oxford, Zurich and Arizona that dated it from 1260 to 1390, which, of course, would rule out its used during the time of Christ.

If we date it back 2000 years, of course, that still leaves room for argument. The carbon dating, once seemingly proving it was a medieval fake, is now widely thought of as suspect and meaningless.

It would be the right age – but is it the real thing? Linick agreed with what Mc Crone stated eight years earlier. Even the famous Atheist Richard Dawkins admits it is controversial.

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He said: “If we show the material to be medieval that would definitely mean that it is not authentic. The Shroud of Turin may be the real burial cloth of Jesus.Does this not suffice to answer the students’ questions? The crazy idea was that the Shroud had been mended and the samples were from that mending job.What Rogers discovered was that the crazy idea seemed to be right.And that Sox in turn leaked that date to the media through Luckett and others, well before the official announcement on 13 October 1988.

Stop Press: A little while ago Stephen either read this blog, or someone told him of the post above, and he inserted a comment into his latest posting to the effect that he realised his dates and chart with its non-overlapping bands were based on BP dates and needed calibrating.At one point, Stephen tells us that he has been told privately of a possible connection between three anti-something-or-others, Sox, Luckett and Rose. It was probably a mixture of older threads and newer threads woven into the cloth as part of a medieval repair.