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Blunt headed tree snakes are among the commonest and most distinctive of the arboreal serpents of the neotropics.

The short snout, big eyes, and supple slenderness are echoed in this region (Depto Loreto, Peru) by only this snake’s congener, the much less often seen Amazonian - Snake Fungal Disease, Emerging Pathogen or Endemic Pan...

Complete quiz index can be found here: Gold Rush Quizzes There are 26 questions on this topic. Bandits preyed on gold miners from the very beginning. Some of the best known entertainers from the United States and Europe traveled to California. The California Gold Rush that began in 1848 and lasted until roughly 1855 started at a place called Sutter's Mill. Gold was discovered in this location on August 16, 1896.

Legend has it that one of the most famous, an ex-gold miner, held up 28 stagecoaches from 1875 to 1883 with an unloaded gun and always said "Please" when taking people's belongings. Some say one mining town was named for a singer called the "Swedish Nightingale." What was her name? What were the dual occupations of the man who discovered it, a man named James W. What region saw literally hundreds of thousands of folks trying their very best to make it to the gold fields?

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" When is a head high broken vining tendril not a head high broken vining tendril?

The first gold rush in America was due to the 1799 find of a 17-pound yellow "rock" by the son of a former German soldier (Hessian) who had been employed by the British during the American Revolution.

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Offer the animal water every couple of days by replacing their water bowl for a few hours and then removing it again.

Now we know that SFD is highly contagious, and not to be mistaken with other conditions like water blisters.

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