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04-Jun-2019 13:08

Even though donors pay for the initial surgery, breast implants can raise a woman’s health care costs for the rest of her life.

According to FDA guidelines, women with silicone implants should receive a breast MRI three years after the initial surgery and every two years thereafter, to ensure they’re free of leaks or other complications.

What does a woman have to do on My Free Implants to get enough money for plastic surgery?

To find the answer, I entreated a female friend to become an MFI girl for a day and learn the tricks of the trade.

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Within seconds, she can start updating her status and chatting with donors.Their vision, a hybrid between a social network and crowdsourced funding, appeals to social libertarianism, with an undercurrent of sexual empowerment.It’s easy to forget that MFI is designed to help women undergo a fairly serious and unnecessary surgery.Another, a college student, echoed the desire to “chat with real women” and wanted to talk to my friend about sports.

When my friend asked the donors how they disbursed their funds, they were a little vague. If girls want to send me a naked picture, I’m not going to say no.” Women are free to request any amount of money for any kind of image or video, and donors are often happy to oblige.

When a woman reaches her goal, usually around ,500, the money is paid directly to an MFI-affiliated plastic surgeon who performs her surgery.