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27-Jun-2019 20:37

The Black Magic will now set higher standards for the paintball industry. The paintball industry has been waiting for quite sometime, but the wait is now over.

No other marker, since the WDP Angel first came out, has ever elicited such a response from our staff. The Paintball Times is the only place you will see this information.

Like Payton, the Black Magic ought to be called ‘Sweetness’.

Payton broke records and set new standards for running backs all around the NFL.

Here are some basic pictures and a quick overview of the specifications. The Black Magic Autococker comes in a standard 2001 autococker box, except for a “BM” and serial number printed on the side. The Body: The Black Magic has a uniquely milled body.

Click for a picture of all the parts that came with the gun. There are no corners, all the edges are rounded off.

You almost had to get a set of pliers to grab it and remove it. The Beavertail: It was very lightweight and chrome plated. We feel that the trigger plate slides better through a chrome plated frame.

It looks very nice, but as long as it works, we don’t care much for looks. Besides, it would really be a tragedy if the frame broke off somehow.

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The vertical feed adapter does unscrew and can be replaced.

With that in mind, the trigger was very smooth, like a hot knife through butter.

But this shouldn’t be a surprise, triggers are supposed to be like that. The length of the trigger pull came out to be about 3.0 to 3.5mm, not the shortest ever, but very acceptable.

In the shooting segment you will learn how this barrel worked.

One difficulty we had was with the removal of the barrel.In the box: -expertly milled and anodized autococker body with vertical feed and angled air supply adapter (ASA) -STO front block pneumatics all chrome plated -custom high flow bolt with venturi style face -non-sloted trigger plate -J&J custom two piece barrel anodized to match -WGP barrel plug -extra high flow front block banjo retaining screw -Shocktech 45 grip frame, chrome plated -Hogue wrap around rubber grips -custom WGP regulator -one hex wrench and other odd parts -custom drop forward with screws -beavertail, chrome plated More pictures: Take a look at the back block. The body is milled on both sides for a cocking arm.