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Finally, although Aurelian had played a significant role in restoring the empire's borders from external threat, more fundamental problems remained.

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According to Herodian this cost him the respect of his troops, who may have felt they should be punishing the tribes that were intruding on Rome's territory.

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In the years following the emperor's death, generals of the Roman army fought each other for control of the empire and neglected their duties of defending the empire from invasion.

Provincials became victims of frequent raids along the length of the Rhine and Danube rivers by such foreign tribes as the Carpians, Goths, Vandals, and Alamanni, and attacks from Sassanids in the east.More than a century would pass before Rome again lost military ascendancy over its external enemies, however, dozens of formerly thriving cities, especially in the Western Empire, had been ruined, their populations dispersed and, with the breakdown of the economic system, could not be rebuilt.