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Klein begins analysis of Jones’ wife and two children between 15th September and 4th October.

On 17th November Klein gives a paper before the British Psychoanalytic Society on five-year-old ‘Peter,’ with reference to the castration complex and anal-sadistic phantasy.

Melitta begins analysis with Edward Glover, after having been previously analysed by Ella Sharpe.

They become close allies against Klein in the on-going British Society infighting.

Read a letter from Klein to Ernest Jones regarding her analysis of his wife (24th Oct 1926)...

On 19th March Anna Freud addresses the Berlin Society on the subject of child analytic technique.

Along with their useful effects, most medicines can cause unwanted side-effects although not everyone experiences them.

Read a letter from Klein to Ernest Jones (29th January 1929)...

In September, at the invitation of Ernest Jones, Klein moves to London.

She breaks off with Kloetzel (though he is to visit her several times over the next few years).

On 5th February Klein presents a paper, ‘The Importance of Symbol-Formation in the Development of the Ego’ to the British Society.

It forms a hugely important stage in her psychoanalytic thinking.Klein's son Erich joins her on 27th December, three months after her arrival.