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24-Jun-2019 04:04

The situation was really that the local priest and church and the mayor had no choice but to say that there will be no further weddings - 99 per cent of the weddings are British." He added: "People are outraged and taking about suing the couple involved.They want the couple to publicly apologise to Rhodes and particularly the church." Lindos' economy is heavily reliant on weddings and businesses are said to be extremely fearful for their futures.In addition many dating services portray Russian women as shy and obedient and mainly aiming at pleasing the husband and taking care of children. This would be all wrong to make such generalization ad Russian women are different and so their desires vary as well.Yet, there are some background factors that gave given birth to this idea.But the couple have admitted they regret taking it after Giorgos Eleftheriou, president of the local Lindos community in Rhodes, made the decision to bar foreign weddings after the snap went viral. “We don’t think we did anything wrong but we regret it and wish we hadn’t bothered. This has caused us all sorts of hassle.” Mr Eleftheriou told The Times: “I have hundreds of soon-to-be brides from Britain and all over the world calling me today in tears because of this decision.Matthew, a car breakdown firm worker, said: “It’s been blown out of proportion. “We are Greek and we cherish our traditions and the sanctity of our religious sites.

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Russian women are accused of not knowing English or willing to learn it, not having a driver's license, not being familiar with credit cards and western payment procedures. Many Russian women posting their ads on the dating sites have University degrees, thus have certainly studied English or/and another foreign language at university (English is also obligatory subject in a secondary school), may use it at work or attend classes.

A woman would certainly feel uncertain and probably not willing to go out to work due to her arrival in a new country and not being familiar with the language and customs.