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Courageously risking his future advancement in rank by taking a stand for civil rights and women’s rights, Dad relieved senior officers (not in authority but in years to him) of their commands when he found miscarriages of justice and equality.Later because of his optimistic perseverance, Dad was given two bronze irons as bookends, because he always exhorted those under his charge – no matter the cost or the challenges – “Press on!

After two years, our family was elated that Dad passed the Maxillofacial Surgery Boards and was promoted to Captain.

Upon graduation in 1953, he was commissioned a Lieutenant JG.

I was his first child born on May 31, 1954 and named Thomas Wayne II.

A year or so later, it was as the Commander of the Naval Hospitals of the Southern United States that Dad encountered the rough seas of prejudice and chauvinism in the Navy.

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Yet it was then that Dad further distinguished himself.They told the Kansas City Star that they "will do whatever we have to do to hold these guys accountable." The Hammers were asleep in their cabin on the luxury cruise boat on the Amazon river, when a fire broke out in their cabin.