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rusya dating One of life' s great rites of passage is obtaining our first driver' s license.It represents a milestone in independence; indeed, with the invention of the automobile, the ability to operate a motor vehicle represents the greatest level of freedom, flexibility, and mobility in human history.As exciting as having a valid license and a dependable motor vehicle can be, great danger awaits the unwary motorist.Let us never forget that we are driving a two thousand pound piece of steel. He does assign a LOT of homework, but his exams are easy and he gives you lots of material to study! I took his class for intermediate algebra and now regular algebra. There are homework assessments at the beginning of every class, and the tests are short and easy if you do the review he sends through the email. However, I did the homework that he assigned (it helps a LOT) His tests are easy if you do the homework. He teaches up to the very last minute but he makes class fun. I've always been awful in math and wasn't even sure I'd pass his class, but I got out of there with like a 98.We must be vigilant, at all times, in our attention to driving to protect not only ourselves, but all others who are sharing Maine' s roadways.

STATE OF MAINE MOTORIST HANDBOOK AND STUDY GUIDE State of Maine Department of the Secretary of State Augusta, Maine 04333 This booklet is prepared under the authority of the: SECRETARY OF STATE BUREAU OF MOTOR VEHICLES Augusta, Maine 04333 (207) 624-9000 Web site: Likewise, a lifetime of being a passenger in a motor vehicle does little to attune the necessary skills for being an expert driver.Keep in mind the reasons for the rules of the road and the laws that govern them; in a contest between flesh and bone and the effects of the physics of a collision, the odds are not on your side. If you do homework and study you will easily pass :-) Mr. If you are slow at math DO NOT take the summer courses, but for spring and fall he is great!

Do the homework, do study guides he gives, and pay attention in class and you should pass. Very good teacher, If I had to choose I would definitely take him again I LOVE Mr. He is very helpful & he makes math interesting for me. There were more tests than I expected but in the end that was good (less info per/test and less deducted points). I'm taking him for my next math class and I requested him.