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Workers are screened for links to organized crime and criminal records before those passes, known as TSC, are issued.But Smith said the restricted zones at the port are small compared to the areas accessed with the general pass.“If you are talking about access of workers to long rows of containers which are in lightly populated work areas day or night, the TSC doesn’t come into it,” he said.The local provides hundreds of workers a day to Fraser Surrey docks and Deltaport.And Buttar, whose two brothers died in gangland shootings, is on his union’s executive committee despite a lengthy criminal history.Guy Morgan, director of security and screening programs for Transport Canada, wouldn’t comment specifically on the Hells Angels or other criminals working on the waterfront.

Buttar has been a member of Local 502, a Vancouver local of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, since 1998.A series of government and police reports about organized crime on the waterfront and obtained by the show authorities have been documenting concerns for two decades.“The presence of numerous members of organized crime groups (OCGs) as dockside employees of the Port of Vancouver, coupled with the ability to access the port by members of OCGs employed in the trucking industry creates a high-risk for smuggling at the port,” says a September 2010 internal Border Services Agency report.The only way someone can get hired as a longshoreman in British Columbia is by the ILWU putting their name forward.“We are a service provider to the industry — primarily to labour relations and training and secondarily in terms of government relations and social outreach.

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In any of those arenas, we have yet to see a situation where someone’s criminal associations or participation in the Hells Angels, or whatever, has been an issue.”Some of the thousands of dock workers in B. also possess a higher-security Transportation Security Clearance pass issued by Transport Canada that allows them inside restricted zones on the waterfront.Some have worked on the docks for years, like Al De Bruyn, a senior White Rock Hells Angel who started in 1981 — two years before the HA was set up in B. Other Hells Angels joined the longshoremen more recently.