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However, her greatest career moment was still to come with her lead role in the enormous critical and commercial hit Infidèle (2002), in which she superbly portrayed Richard Gere s adulterous wife.Collects antique furniture and has a strange fetish - she admitted in Playboy magazine (1995) that she has a thing for really high thigh-boots.She turned down the first, Splash (1984) (which was a surprise hit for Daryl Hannah).Both Hill and Papp wanted her, and a series of telegrams among Papp, Hill, Olivier and her father transpired, with Hill, Olivier and Diane s father wanting her in the film, and Papp wanting to keep her in the play.

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The cute but tear-jerking comedy Mon chien Skip (2000) also proved to be a small-scale success christopher atkins dating.

However, all of these still did not quite make Diane a big-name star and, by 1997, she found herself, possibly by choice, back in smaller, personal projects.